Tech People

Say goodbye to your Tech recruiting headaches. Tech People's revolutionary hiring methodology will save you significant time and cost-to-hire with measurably better hires and improved retention rates.

Our groundbreaking, bespoke hiring solution delivers scientifically endorsed tech candidate profiles presented through a secure digital platform.

The system is built around 3 key operating elements incorporating the unique fusion of a hiring methodology, multiple layers of scientific candidate support evidence & a cutting-edge digital platform.

This allows the system to deliver foolproof candidate/employer matches, including a scientifically endorsed digital candidate profile, for each candidate within every campaign, presented through the digital platform.

98% of Roles Filled

More than 98% of the searches we undertake are fulfilled.

96% Retention Rate

Over 96% of candidates we place are still in situ after 12 months.

12 Month Replacement Policy

Industry leading replacement policy afforded by better hiring decisions

Tech People USPs

  • You’ll never interview a candidate again just because they have a good Resume/CV (often a waste of time)
  • Save significant time and energy on hiring people who interviewed well but didn’t cut it and left within 12 months (HR time onboarding, management time, training time etc)
  • We improve your hiring accuracy by improving your interviewing accuracy using our unique multi-layered assessment process
  • Most employers have a new employee retention rate between 60-80% in the first 12 months of employment. Our groundbreaking talent acquisition process means clients who work with us have 96% retention rate. The difference is stark and our methods will help you get there
  • Cost of hire isn’t just the fee you pay a recruiter, there are many indirect costs which far exceed the agency fee – wasted salary, training time, management time, impact of performance and productivity of an under-resourced team, affect on colleagues ability to adequately perform in their role, perception on management, decline in cultural perception and company reputation in the market. We’re here to make sure you get it right first time through a far superior service and significant direct and indirect costs in the long term. Please use our Bad Hire Calculator here which breaks down these cost specific to your

Who Are Tech People?

We are recognized globally as experts in Management Consulting in Tech Talent Acquisition and Retention, specializing in mid to C-suite levels across the entire Information Technology landscape. Our dedicated efforts are aimed at delivering the most suitable individuals for our clients, individuals who possess the precise skills, capabilities, and, significantly, behavioral traits to seamlessly align with each unique opportunity. Our acclaimed scientific, data-driven and objective recruitment process is meticulously crafted to not only facilitate the discovery and hiring of exceptional candidates but, crucially, to foster their long-term commitment, success and retention within your organization.

Our Process

Our scientific, data-driven and objective recruitment process has filled over 1000 positions globally and has consistently proven to:

Find and attract the best talent

We work in partnership with you to perfectly position your business and attract great people.

Reduce your downtime

Cutting edge technology allows us to drastically reduce the total number of interviews needed.

Improve your hiring accuracy

We use psychometrics to objectively assess hiring teams and candidates, creating the perfect match.

Reduce your cost to hire

On average, a firm will retain only 60-80% of new hires over 12 months. Our clients experience 96% retention.

Download our free guide to recruiting peak-performing Tech Professionals

Discover the 15 critical steps involved in the complex world of technology recruitment, to help you stay on track and informed when hiring your next key team member.


Infrastructure & Cloud
Infrastructure shouldn't be driven by the latest trends. Instead, prioritize understanding how your users operate. This is precisely why we provide a tailor-made recruitment solution.
Information Security
With the increasing volume of information being processed and stored, guaranteeing its safety has become more crucial than ever.
With proficiency ranging from Oracle and SAP to Microsoft, Salesforce, and various other prominent software providers, we possess the experience and expertise to fulfill your requirements.
In the present day, every organization functions as a software company, making developers indispensable to us all. However, the challenge lies in the global shortage of developers, and that's where we step in.
Project Management
Change, transformation, finite projects, or organisation-wide programmes – Project Management professionals keep everything on track and everyone content. Not dissimilar to us.
As data and its application gain increasing importance in business, it's crucial to ensure that your data team is well-equipped for the challenge.
DevOps remains the disruptor in the field of IT, and there's no indication of that changing anytime soon. We've collaborated with companies both large and small, at every stage of adoption.
Digital transformation will mean something different to every organisation. And the skills you need to make it successful for you will be unique to you.

Global Technology Talent Sourcing

Via our advanced technologies & international expertise, we’re Management Consultants in Talent Acquisition & Staff Retention to over 100 strategic partners globally

Our Trusted Partners

Words From Our Clients

Explore what our clients say about their experiences with Tech People and discover how our tailored recruitment solutions have made a positive impact on their businesses.
Tech People offer a level of service delivery that is rare, outstanding and raises the bar. Tech People are professional, personable, proactive, energetic and consistently deliver great results in tune with operational and strategic objectives/challenges, offering a highly personalised service tailored to the needs of the customer with a relationship based on lasting trust and confidence.
Carole Harriott
Canada Life
Tech People have been my go to supplier for Technology and Data recruitment needs for the past 5 years. We fully trust Tech People to represent Wunderman Thompson MAP in the right way. I/we have no hesitations in recommending them for any manner of recruitment services.
Alex Farrimond
Wunderman Thompson
I worked with Tech People for over a year with great success, hiring over 50 people in that time. They always dug into recruitment requirements with me, taking the time to understand our needs, shaping the profile of the candidates I was looking for
Shane Connolly
BORN Group