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About us

The Tech People Mission

Individuals alone do not define a company’s greatness; rather, it is the presence of the right individuals, in appropriate roles, with the right personality to perform tasks in alignment with organizational environment and objectives that contributes to greatness. At Tech People, our mission is straightforward: to elevate businesses by connecting them with the most suitable candidates.

Given the aptitude, individuals can acquire new skills within reasonable bounds. True success, however, is achieved when skills, knowledge, and critically behaviour, harmonize to create a synergistic effect.

We take immense pride in our role of assisting companies in identifying, assessing skills along with behaviour, to recruit and retain the exceptional individuals who play a pivotal role in elevating a business from good to great.

“If you have the right executives on the bus, they will do everything within their power to build a great company, not because of what they will “get” for it, but because they simply cannot imagine settling for anything less. Their moral code requires building excellence for its own sake, and you’re no more likely to change that than you’re likely to affect whether they breathe.”

Jim Collins, Good to Great

Our Story

Tech People embarked on its journey in 2012 and in response to the ever-changing landscape of recruiting in modern times, we have transitioned from a traditional 20th-century contingency service to a cutting-edge, data-driven 21st Century model that reflects the future of recruitment.

Recognising the need for a superior service, we have embraced a scientific and objective approach that eliminates the reliance on gut-feel decisions and guarantees long-term staff retention. Our highly successful recruiting process marries together your team’s environmental data with comprehensive behavioral assessments of all candidates. This ensures a perfect alignment of personality traits with the role, coupled with key competency questions, spontaneous short-form video responses, job survey report, recruitment process auditing, post-campaign surveys driving continual improvement. Our bespoke platform allows you to easily assess candidate data, complete with ranking measurements, all provided before the decision to interview.

This innovative approach is designed not only to save time interviewing candidates who fall short on personality fit but also yields substantial direct and indirect cost reductions by steering clear of poor hiring decisions when employees leave within their first 12 months. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee employee retention, driving your business forward with a team that perfectly fits your organisational needs. We call our ground-breaking platform, Tech People 360 – Welcome to the future of recruitment.

Meet Our MD

James Anderson

Tech People - MD

When considering the outdated and flawed hiring model used by contingency agencies and internal recruiters, the statement we often hear that “recruitment is broken” is essentially true. The notion that hiring 10 people only to have 3 or 4 leave the business within the first 12 months of employment represents a 30-40% failure rate in recruiting new employees which is the case within most companies.

In any other part of an organisation, whether it’s Finance, Marketing, Sales, Business Ops, Tech Project Delivery and so on, were there a 30-40% failure rate in one of those teams, the business would react immediately to improve the situation. Yet with Talent Acquisition the frequent response is often a resignation that it’s just what happens.

Having worked in Technology Recruiting since 2007, I spent many years wondering why the industry hadn’t created an improved quality of service that would in turnwould significantly improve retention rates – SoI decided to introduce the methodology that allows us to succeed at this objective.

There are 3 levels of assessment in a hiring process – 1. Assessing appearance and how a person presents themselves, 2. Assessing skills and experience relevant to the role and 3. Assessing Behavioural characteristics to ensure a great cultural fit to the company and role.

Traditional recruiting methods completely eliminate this 3rdlevel of assessment which is left to gut-feel and is crucially why 20-40% of technology employees leave a business before their 1st anniversary. Simply put, anyone who leaves were a bad hire and the process which ignored behavioural assessment is flawed.

So this is why at Tech People we incorporate multiple layers of scientific and objective, data-driven candidate assessment before the interview stage which ultimately saves our clients significant commercial downtime, exponentially drives down the direct and indirect cost to hire and vastly improves new employee retention rates past their first year with you. This we guarantee.

The result: Peak perfomers aligned with management expectations, improved morale, company reputation & revenue in what quickly becomes a thriving business.

We sincerely hope that you’d like to meet with us for a free Recrutiment Process Audit and partner with us to revolutionize your business.