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Bad hire calculator

Have you ever calculated the true cost of a bad hire?

In most cases when someone leaves your business during their first year of employment, the true cost is roughly 3.5x their annual salary.

Clearly this has a negative impact on business. Our unique Bad Hire Calculator uses the latest data* and algorithms to show how much improving your recruitment process and making the right hires could save your business! 

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A bad hire costs more than you think...

How the best measure success

Good companies measure their employee turnover but great companies always measure their new employee retention rate and look for ways to mitigate the risk of someone leaving during their first year.

Here’s why…

They recognize that the lowest ROI occurs within that first 12-month period and understand the true cost of a bad hire is approx. 3.5 x salary. This means that a $100k hirewho leaves before their 1st year anniversary can cost the business over $350k and that’s terrible for their bottom line.