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Revolutionized Recruitment

Recognizing the inefficiency of the traditional CV shuffling and mind-numbing interview approach to recruitment, we sought to introduce a more effective solution.

Trusted by hundreds of Hiring Managers globally, our approach combines a proven methodology with cutting-edge technology. Tech People 360 stands as a testament to this innovative approach, designed to de-risk your hiring process and achieve industry-leading new employee retention rates.

Industry-leading retention rates of 96%-leading retention rates.

Further enhancing your confidence, we offer a complimentary replacement policy extending up to 12 months. While our overwhelming success rate suggests the likelihood of requiring this service is minimal, we aim to provide you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Save upwards of £100k per hire

By elevating your retention rates and minimizing commercial downtime, anticipate significant efficiencies that translate to substantial time and cost savings.

Reduce your overall time to hire

Enhance the efficiency of your recruitment process by reducing the overall time-to-hire. Our comprehensive candidate pre-assessments are designed to optimize your interview-to-hire ratio, providing you with the confidence to expedite the hiring process.

What is Tech People 360?

Introducing Tech People 360, our established methodology that leverages cutting-edge executive search technology, seamlessly executed through our ground-breaking, revolutionary platform. This approach fully digitizes your recruitment process, yielding exceptional results.

So, what does this mean for your recruitment process?

Assess Behaviors

Many job descriptions predominantly emphasize skills and knowledge, often featuring clichéd phrases like “a well-motivated, self-starting, team player.” However, when a hire doesn’t succeed, it’s seldom due to inadequate skills or experience; more commonly, it’s a misalignment of behavior with the organization’s values. This discrepancy contributes to the industry’s prevalent 30% failure rate in retaining new employees, where only 7 out of 10 hires remain in their positions after one year. Enter the solution: behavioral assessment. The McQuaig Job Survey® provides a comprehensive tool for hiring managers, stakeholders and recruiters to precisely define the behavioral requirements for any role. By establishing an internal benchmark and identifying behaviors conducive to excelling in the position, this assessment addresses the core of successful hiring. Additionally, the McQuaig Word Survey® serves as a valuable personality test, evaluating an individual’s core traits, behavior in their current role and a comparative analysis against the McQuaig Job Survey®. This integrated approach ensures a holistic understanding of a candidate’s suitability for a role beyond conventional skill assessments.

Free role assessment!

Having trouble filling a role? The best place to start is with a better understanding of what your hiring team are looking for behaviourally.

That’s where our McQuaig Job Survey® tool and reports come in. And the best news? Your first assessment is free!